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Fueled by a passion for fitness and innovation, our team set out to create professional grade weightlifting barbells at an affordable price. From the local big box gym to your personal home gym, we have created a line of barbells for all skill levels. Whether you're new or experienced in weight training, Olympic lifting, or powerlifting, the key tool you need in your home gym arsenal is high-quality, high performance weightlifting bar that can withstand even the most demanding workouts.

Our 45lb Olympic Barbell is machined and assembled to surpass your expectations. Black zinc coating paired with proper knurling to provide more comfort while lifting or using a hook grip. It also features hard coated collars to handle excessive abuse and needle bearings to keep your barbell flowing during lifts. Made of industrial-grade steel, it has a tensile strength of 205,000 psi, so you can load it up with complete confidence. Its rigidity limits whip for stability during strength training exercises such as squats, deadlift and bench press. The precision knurl pattern is grippy without being abrasive, and center knurling provides a solid grip on your back during heavy squat sessions. Our 35lb Olympic Bar has the same structure as the 45lb version, just at a lower weight, providing a more friendly lifting experience for women and those who may require a smaller diameter bar for better grip.

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